A Farmer's Strife


7/9/20232 min read

Nearly a year had passed since Ravager, now going by his given name Muk, had chosen to stay with Elara. Eight months of me out here, alone, guiding the Nomad through the cosmos. As the days became months, I realized a comforting sense of self-reliance blooming within me. I could still remember when I was sixteen, lost and scared, barely able to hold my own in the cold expanse of space. Now, at twenty-seven, I was the captain of my own ship, plotting courses through asteroid fields, and confidently mining comets, alone.

Just as I was setting course towards an intriguing comet that had registered high mineral density, the ship's comm-system beeped. Muk's voice echoed through the cockpit, "Moe, we have a situation."

"Muk," I responded, "It's good to hear your voice. How's life on the farm?" I already noticed the worry in his voice, but I wanted to ease into the conversation.

He chuckled, the deep sound echoing through the ship, "Harder than I thought it'd be. You know, back when I was a pirate, if someone messed with you, you just bashed 'em in the skull. Farming, on the other hand, involves some cutthroat competition."

Intrigued, I asked, "What kind of competition are we talking about?"

Muk sighed, "There's a local agriculture conglomerate here, Green Goliath AgroCorp. They've been running independent farmers out of business for years. Things got ugly a few weeks ago when I got into a fight with their local manager."

My brow furrowed, "A fight? Over what?"

"He accused us of underselling our produce, violating some local trade agreement. It was a load of crap. But it escalated. He did some digging, found out about my past. Now, it seems he's gotten in touch with the Black Marauders."

I felt my heart rate pick up, "Your old crew? You think they're coming for you?"

"It's not just me, Moe," Muk's voice was heavy. "Elara and her family are in danger, too. We've got a bit of a reputation in the area. Word is, they're sending 'Chaos' Cartwright, fastest quickdraw in the galaxy."

I cursed under my breath. This was serious. Muk had been out of the pirate game for years. And Chaos Cartwright was known for his ruthless efficiency.

"Alright, Muk. Sit tight, I'm on my way."

I quickly entered the coordinates of Elara's farm into the Nomad's navigational system. As the ship entered hyperdrive, I picked up my comm-device, scrolling through my contacts. I knew who to call.

"We need some help," I spoke into the device, the words echoing in the emptiness of the cockpit. I stared into the vast expanse of stars ahead, waiting on a response. After a few minutes, I got my response...and I had my help.