An Unexpected Detour


7/9/20232 min read

After leaving the chaos of the festival behind, Fitt and I found ourselves at the edge of town, our hearts pounding in our chests. With each press of the alarm button, the beeping grew fainter, echoing from the direction of the desert beyond the town.

"Dude," Fitt muttered, wiping the last remnants of paint from his face. "We have to get moving." The urgency in his voice matched the knot in my stomach. I nodded, and we started our trek through the unfamiliar landscape.

The planet's sun hung low in the sky, casting long shadows that seemed to reach out toward us. Our surroundings were an expanse of reddish sand and jagged rocks, with a few cacti-like flora punctuating the arid wasteland. It was a stark contrast to the vibrant town we'd left behind, but we didn't let it dampen our resolve.

We trekked for hours, squinting into the distance, hoping for any sign of our ship. We took turns pressing the alarm button, each time the beep seeming to pull us further into the desert. Our arguments had ceased. Now, it was about surviving and finding our ship.

The terrain grew difficult. Sand gave way to jumbled rock formations, and the ground became uneven. As we maneuvered around a particularly precarious rock face, Fitt slipped, his foot skidding on loose gravel. He would have gone over the edge if it weren't for my quick reflexes. I reached out and grabbed his arm, steadying him.

Eventually, we made camp for the night, finding shelter in the hollowed-out base of a colossal cactus. Despite the harsh day and our dire situation, we found ourselves laughing around a makeshift fire. We shared stories, memories, and even our hopes for the future. Fitt talked about his dreams of exploring uncharted systems, while I confessed my desires to figure out who I was meant to be. I didn't need a purpose, just some clarity. Despite our differences, we found common ground.

We awoke to a blazing sunrise and a new sense of hope. As we packed up and readied ourselves to resume our search, I couldn't help but feel a renewed sense of determination. We were closer to finding our ship, I could feel it.

Fitt held up the keychain and pressed the button. The beep was louder this time, and we followed the sound. As we crested a hill, we stopped dead in our tracks. There, nestled between two sand dunes, was a small encampment. Tents, makeshift huts, vehicles of various sizes, and there, parked on the far side, was our ship.

A feeling of relief washed over us, only to be replaced by a sense of dread as we noticed the figures moving around the encampment. It was a bandit camp.

"Dude..." Fitt whispered, his eyes wide. "How are we going to get our ship back from them?"