Becoming The Voidrunner


7/9/20233 min read

"There are too many of them, Moe," Fitt whispered, his voice barely audible over the cacophony of monstrous roars outside the kitchen door.

"Nah...there's not enough," I growled, gripping the hilt of my knife with newfound resolve. This was it. Our final stand.

Chef tossed me his last makeshift bomb, and I caught it with a steadiness that surprised me. This wasn't enough to blow a hole in a wall, but it would be enough to buy us time while we opened the door to start this fight. It was a comforting weight in my palm, a promise of destruction that I was ready to unleash.

With a nod to my companions, I pulled the pin, cracked the door, and dropped the bomb. As we dove, it exploded instantly, the door disintegrating into a hail of deadly splinters, leaving a wide-open passage for the cannibals outside.

Cannibals stormed in through the open passage, their faces twisted with primitive hunger. But I felt a sudden calm, a steadiness that resonated from within.

Taking a leap of faith, I plunged into the midst of the cannibals. My knife danced through the air, every slash and stab finding its mark. I moved with a brutal elegance, my every action a deadly ballet of violence.

With every step, I felt more alive, more powerful. I was a comet hurtling through space, an unstoppable force. The Voidrunner. The nickname had never felt more fitting.

I saw Fitt and Chef fighting back to back, their makeshift weapons making short work of any cannibal unfortunate enough to come within striking distance. They fought bravely, fearlessly, but it was my blade that reaped the most carnage.

One by one, the cannibals fell, their savage roars giving way to screams of pain and terror. The floor beneath us became a slick, treacherous mess of blood and bodies. At one point I knew I needed to breathe. I dove behind the bar. Suddenly, a gleam under the bar counter caught my attention. A gun. My hand darted out, and within seconds, I had it in my grasp. Rising above the counter, I took aim and fired. Bullets tore through the remaining cannibals, bringing them down one after the other. I stood there, firing, until nobody but myself and my friends were left standing.

As I made my way from behind the bar, one of the cannibals tried to rise again, struggling on all fours. I unloaded the rest of the clip into him, ensuring he wouldn't get back up.

The deafening silence that followed was disconcerting. We had done it. We had taken down an entire horde of cannibals.

Fitt staggered towards me, his gaze filled with a mix of fear and awe. "Moe..." he began, the words heavy with meaning. " were..."

The words echoed in the hollow silence, resonating deep within me. "Unstoppable," he said.

I could see the unspoken question in his eyes. He was trying to reconcile the friend he knew with the man standing before him, a man who had just waded through a horde of cannibals and emerged victorious.

But I had no answers for him, only an unwavering resolve. If this was what it took to protect those I cared about, then I was ready to embrace it.

The Voidrunner wasn't just a nickname anymore. It was who I was, and who I would always be. It was the embodiment of my strength, my resolve, and my will to protect. And as long as I drew breath, I would uphold that promise. Even if it meant staring into the face of certain death.

Because that's what being a Voidrunner was all about. Not just surviving, but thriving. Conquering your fears, standing your ground, and protecting your own.

Our ordeal was far from over, but one thing was clear. We were stronger together. We had faced the unimaginable and emerged victorious. We were survivors.

And as I stood there, amidst the silence, I made a vow. I would protect my friends, no matter the cost.

As I looked at Chef and Fitt, their faces a mix of relief and exhaustion, I felt a sense of camaraderie. We had been through hell and back together, and we had emerged stronger. Our bond had been tested and proven strong. We were a team, and a good one at that.

Our shared ordeal was over, but our journey was far from it. We had more adventures to embark on, more dangers to face. But no matter what lay ahead, we would face it together.