Echoes in the Silence


7/9/20232 min read

Staring out into the vast emptiness of space, it felt as though I had been cast into an abyss of darkness, amplified by the unbearable silence of the ship. An overwhelming sense of loneliness gnawed at my sanity. My parents' presence was replaced with a haunting void, resonating within the cold metallic confines of the ship.

But amidst the desolation, a beacon of hope flickered. A distress call. I remember the adrenaline rush - the heart-pounding excitement of a possible interaction, the fear of what I might find.

As I maneuvered the ship closer to the coordinates of the distress signal, I could see the silhouetted figure of another spacecraft. It was the Hades' Comet, a small merchant vessel, crippled and left adrift by a calamitous asteroid collision. I could feel a shiver of apprehension seep into my veins as I prepared for the rescue mission.

With a swift press of a button, I propelled myself out of the ship. As the stars swept past me in a dizzying blur, my eyes landed on a lone figure tumbling away from the Hades' Comet. His tether line was severed, his movements sluggish.

My heart pounded in my chest as I maneuvered towards him, the thrusters on my suit responding to my nervous impulses. His name, I learned, was Gramps Wexler, a seasoned asteroid miner. His voice crackled in my earpiece as I neared him, rough around the edges and laced with apprehension.

"Are you a sight for sore eyes," he muttered, relief evident in his voice. His eyes were locked onto mine, a glimmer of hope mirroring my own.

Once back on my ship, we tried to gain our bearings. Gramps was older, rough around the edges with skin weathered from years of space mining. His skepticism towards me was apparent, but he didn't turn down my offer for a hot meal. As we ate in silence, I could feel his gaze on me, studying, assessing.

"So, Moe Harlow," he finally broke the silence, "You're just a kid. How did you end up alone on this ship in the middle of nowhere?"

I swallowed, my mind racing to find the words. "I'm not just a kid," I found myself retorting, surprising myself with the venom in my voice. "I'm the Voidrunner."

Gramps raised an eyebrow at this, a small smile tugging at his lips. "Voidrunner, huh? So you've been through hell and back."

The quakes continued, their ominous rumble echoing through the ship. The universe didn't care for our newfound companionship - it continued its indifferent dance of chaos. But now, I wasn't alone in my fight.

As the days blended into months, I found myself growing accustomed to Gramps' gruff voice filling the once-lonely corridors of the ship. I wasn't just surviving anymore; I was learning to live again. To face the harsh reality that awaited me outside the safe cocoon of my ship. I was Moe Harlow, the Voidrunner. And I was ready to take on the universe, with Gramps at my side.