Miner's Dawn


7/7/20232 min read

The familiar roar of the Nomad's engines faded into the endless void, leaving behind an echo that rattled the foundations of my heart. I stood alone under the vast Martian sky, watching my ship, my home, disappear into the star-studded expanse, becoming nothing more than a distant memory. Turning my back on the cosmos, I faced the vast mining colony of Cydonia, the beginning of a new chapter, a return to a past life.

Cydonia stretched before me, a haphazard array of converted shipping containers and sprawling bio-domes under the encroaching Martian dusk. It was a testament to mankind's indomitable spirit, a pulsating, iron-rich heart beating on a world that was as alien as it was beautiful. The Martian winds, heavy with rust-colored dust, whipped around me as I ventured into the heart of the colony, a silent observer in a world on the cusp of tomorrow.

Amidst the gritty harmony of miners and machines, the hum of the underground drills, the cacophony of an ambitious world, I found an unexpected familiarity. I was a miner, after all, born and bred in the raw embrace of asteroid fields. Here, on Mars, was a different landscape, but the soul of it was the same. The faces around me, hardened and weary, yet burning with a ferocious will, they were kin. Yet, I was an enigma among them, a Voidrunner turned Martian miner, a man who had seen the infinite wonders of the cosmos and had chosen to return to the primal work of splitting earth and rock.

My new home, a modest room in a shared habitat, was Spartan in its comforts. Yet, it held a certain charm, a humility that was grounding. As I traced my fingers over the coarse, synthetic fabric of the bedding, I couldn't help but compare it to the plush comforts of the Nomad. But this was my reality now, a reality I had chosen willingly.

As the first rays of the Martian dawn bathed my room in a warm, coppery glow, I felt a peace I hadn't felt in a long time. This was a fresh start, a chance to blend in, to be just Moe, the miner of Cydonia, to leave behind the shadow of the Voidrunner.

Yet, as I gazed out into the alien landscape, my heart whispered tales of the cosmos, a silent echo that told me my past was not so easily abandoned. The universe is a stage, and each of us merely players in its grand narrative. As I stepped into my new life, the cosmic curtain was only briefly drawn.

And so, I thought my story would end here, a subtle sunset that paves the way for the grand odyssey yet to unfold. But little did I know, Starfield awaits and the Voidrunners story was far from over.