The Final Blow


7/9/20232 min read

"Unless we end this now, it will haunt us forever," Ravager declared, urgency etching his battle-hardened face. His eyes were aglow with determination, mirroring my own resolve. I gave him a firm nod, formulating a plan in the heat of the moment.

"I need a diversion, Ravager," I said, my voice barely above a whisper. "Stir up as much turmoil as you can manage. If you can hold them off for a few minutes, I can put a stop to this." Trust gleamed in Ravager's eyes. Without a word, he ran off into the melee, his weapon blazing, his voice echoing through the mayhem.

As the clamor of battle receded, I made my way to our ship. My pulse pounded in sync with each footfall, matching the rhythm of urgency that dictated my actions. I sought out the asteroid splitter, a tool engineered for mining but equally lethal in dire circumstances. Its primary function was to tear open rock faces, but in essence, it was a powerful, time-detonated explosive.

The pirates' vessel, an imposing silhouette against the twilight sky, marked the next phase of my plan. Stealth was the order of the hour, as the pirates were hastily regrouping, their attention drawn to the chaos Ravager was inciting. With precision born of desperation, I navigated the labyrinthine structure of their ship, my presence ghostlike and unnoticed. My target was the engine room, the heart of the beast. I attached the splitter, its ominous ticking barely audible amidst the distant chaos. The act was over in a heartbeat, but every passing second felt like a test of endurance. Silently, I retreated, leaving the ship with its newly implanted death sentence.

I concealed myself just in time to see the frenzied pirates reboard their ship, their panicked cries mingling with the raucous echoes of Ravager's distraction. The ship began to lift off, leaving a dusty imprint in its wake. As I emerged from my hiding spot, Ravager's strained voice rang out over the dying sounds of battle.

"We needed to finish them, Moe! They'll return!" His expression was a picture of frustrated urgency, confusion clouding his eyes. His confusion dissipated as I revealed the detonator. The immediate recognition sparkled in his eyes, and we found ourselves immersed in a moment of shared hilarity amidst the impending carnage. We fell to the ground, laughter bubbling out of us, a shared relief washing over us.

Ravager took the detonator from me, his laughter subsiding into a wide grin. He pulled me into a hearty embrace, and with one arm still wrapped around me, he pressed the button.

The night sky burst into an impromptu fireworks show as the pirate ship exploded in mid-air. A cheer erupted from the townsfolk, their relief palpable.

As they celebrated, a familiar ship descended from the sky. The hatch opened to reveal Fitt Hardcastle, our old acquaintance, his eyes filled with mirth.

"Am I late?" he quipped, a broad grin on his face. His words triggered a fresh bout of laughter from both Ravager and I, a perfect end to an unforgettable day. Our fight was over - and for the moment, we could claim victory.