The Moonlight Hopes


7/9/20233 min read

Under the moon's icy sheen, the stranger started to speak. His voice was gravelly, a rough whisper echoing with the weight of his solitary existence.

He described a world teetering on the brink of annihilation. "The skies didn't just turn hostile, they were like living nightmares," he began, his voice grave and laden with the weight of his experiences. His eyes stared into the distance, as though they were locked onto the haunting ghosts of the past. "Massive storms, like nothing we'd ever seen or imagined, swarmed the atmosphere. They weren't just fierce; they were deadly. Electricity and dust filled the air, making it almost impossible to breathe."

Amid the unfolding horror story, Fitt couldn't resist a wisecrack. "Sounds like my Aunt Marlene's barbecues," he said, a spark of humor in his eyes. "No warning, and then it's all smoke and chaos."

The stranger ignored Fitt, his expression hardened by too many bitter experiences. "Your wife and daughter waited for him as long as they could. But the storms...they were too much. They had to leave."

His words hovered in the air, like a bitter reminder of the terrible urgency of their mission. Even though the situation was dire, Fitt couldn't suppress his natural charm and wit. "Geez, ever considered being a thriller writer? Your narrative tension is on point."

The stranger glanced at Fitt, a glimmer of defiance in his eyes. "They mentioned Lunara Moon... said it was a waypoint."

"Lunara Moon?" Moe repeated, his mind processing the information. He turned to Fitt. "That's one of the big supply stations, isn't it?"

"Yes sir," Fitt grinned, "The Cosmic Stardock. Like a convenience store in space. If they went there, we might be able to find where they went next."

Chef, who had been silent all this while, suddenly found his voice. "Do... do you know if they were okay?" His voice trembled with barely contained emotion.

The stranger turned his gaze towards Chef, a semblance of sympathy flashing in his eyes. "They were scared but you."

Processing this new lead, Moe focused his attention on the stranger. The man seemed to shrink under his gaze. "You cheated us, stranger," Moe said, his voice calm but laced with danger. "We could leave you here, stranded."

The stranger's face paled, his eyes reflecting the terror that Moe's words invoked. But before the fear could fully settle, Moe continued. "But I won't. I'm sending out a distress signal. They'll come for you. Never forgot who saved you here today."

"Boy, you're lucky the Voidrunner isn't putting you down right now," Fitt chimed in, thumbing towards Moe as they started to walk away. The stranger merely swallowed, his throat dry, as he watched the trio retreat into the darkness of the colony.

As the reality of his situation began to sink in, Fitt leaned in towards Moe, a sly grin on his face. "You know," he began, his voice a low murmur. "Soon enough, the name 'Voidrunner' will be on the lips of everyone in the galaxy."

Moe, walking ahead, only looked at Fitt in response, his focus on the path ahead, a constellation of hope twinkling in the distance. But Fitt's words hung in the air, a prophecy echoing amongst the silent, abandoned buildings of the colony.

With a new lead to follow and a grim determination burning in their hearts, they prepared to continue their journey. Amidst the sea of stars, Chef's family awaited them, and they were a step closer to their reunion. Regardless of the odds, they were ready. After all, they were the crew of the Voidrunner. And they wouldn't let anything stand in their way.