The New Dawn


7/9/20233 min read

With the chaos of the pirate's attack behind us, there was one final thread to be tied off - Hannibal Trent, the puppet master of Green Goliath AgroCorp. He was the one who'd set these terrible events in motion; his ruthless greed had cost us dearly, resulting in the maiming of Elara's son and the onslaught of the Black Marauders. It was time for him to face the music.

Ravager and I strode through the heart of the town, making our way toward the penitent figure of Trent. The town had brought him forward, a noose hung ominously over his head, a stark reminder of the justice that loomed over him. Fear radiated from him in waves, his pleas and sobs falling on deaf ears as Ravager commanded him to kneel. The pistol pointed at his head seemed to make him lose all control; he blubbered incoherently, wetting himself in fear. It was a pathetic sight, but not one that roused sympathy.

Ravager looked up from the pitiful sight of Trent, his gaze sweeping over the crowd that had gathered. His voice echoed through the silence, a resonant note that held their rapt attention.

"We've seen the worst of times," he began, his tone firm, "faced adversity in its harshest forms. Today, we stand united, not as victims, but as survivors. We have the opportunity to rise from the ashes of our old lives and build something of our own. The wealth that once was hoarded by Green Goliath AgroCorp can now fuel our progress. But we won't repeat the mistakes of the past. No one man or woman will benefit at the expense of the others. We'll share in the prosperity and challenges equally. Together, we'll ensure that no such atrocity finds a place in our midst again."

The words were met with thunderous applause. An air of determination filled the crowd, their eyes ablaze with newfound purpose.

Ravager turned back to Trent, recounting the atrocities he had committed, the lives he had torn apart in his blind greed. "I stand before you, Trent, as your judge, jury, and would-be executioner," he stated, pressing the barrel of his gun against Trent's forehead. He spoke of his past life, of a time when he would've killed Trent without a second thought, picking his bones clean and using them for toothpicks.

"But," he continued, "I've chosen a new path. I want to leave that part of my life behind. However, if I ever hear so much as a whisper about Green Goliath AgroCorp, I won't hesitate to come after you and all that you hold dear, Trent. You're lucky that I'm a changed man, but don't mistake my mercy for weakness. I can just as easily strap you to a rocket ship and hurl you into the sun. Never return, Trent. Your life depends on it."

With that, the locals tied Trent up and escorted him away, presumably to a makeshift jail. In the distance, Elara and her family were making their way toward the town center. Elara sprinted towards Ravager, engulfing him in a tight embrace. They held each other for a long moment before turning to me.

Ravager's voice was filled with genuine gratitude. "Moe, I can't thank you enough," he said. To that, I responded with a simple yet heartfelt, "We're family." Another round of embraces ensued, each one a testament to our bond.

As we discussed the future, Fitt sauntered over, a roasted chicken leg in hand. "Got a haul to get back to Omega-4 and could use some help navigating customs," he offered casually, "80/20 split if you're in."

"50/50" I said.

"Eh, 75/25 and Ill throw you a wool blanket I found in a garbage compactor. Still nice!" he retorted.

"Deal. 75 me, 25 you, and a new blanket." I replied back.

Fitt, realizing the type of relationship the two would have, finished up "Ok 50/50. Put it there...partner!" as Moe and Fitt shook hands.

The dust was settling and not just on this planet, but in Moes life. One major chapter was coming to a close...but what was coming next, nobody could have expected.