The Voidrunner Begins


7/11/20232 min read

I am Moe Harlow, but out here, amidst the whirling rocks and infinite cosmos, they know me as the 'Voidrunner'. I was born on a spaceship, cradled in the arms of the cosmos.

I lived on Gaea's Tear, an asteroid colony, a speck of humanity in the endless void. We were miners, both by trade and tradition. My father was a renowned miner, my mother, an engineer, both respected members of the community. I was their legacy, their beacon into the future.

Gaea's Tear was a symphony of sounds and sensations. The drone of machinery, the coarse laughter, the sharp smell of metal, and the lingering tunes of Earth's rock music played on our ancient music player. It was a life both harsh and beautiful, bound by the unwritten laws of survival and companionship.

But all that changed on the day of the asteroid quake. A cosmic disaster that claimed the lives of many, including my parents. I was 16, an adolescent grappling with loss and responsibility, my childhood lost among the rubble and dust.

In the aftermath, the colony became a shadow of its former self. The vibrant hustle replaced by a mournful silence. Gaea's Tear had lost a part of its spirit, and so had I. In the solitude, I found refuge in the cockpit of my father's ship. It was my sanctuary, a tether to my past.

I remember the countless hours I spent there, gazing into the stars, my heart echoing with the rhythms of the music my mother loved. My parents were gone, but they lived on, in the echo of the drill, in the tunes that filled the ship, in every rock I mined.

As days turned into weeks, I realized something. My parents had left me more than just memories. They had left me their values, their dreams, their resilience. They had left me a legacy to continue. So, with renewed determination, I picked up where they left off.

I spent hours honing my skills, navigating the asteroid fields with precision, studying the rocks for signs of valuable minerals. The hum of the drill became my constant companion, the rhythm of work a comforting routine. And with each passing day, I was carving a name for myself, building a reputation that was my own. I was becoming the Voidrunner.

My father’s ship, an old sturdy vessel, became a symbol of my past and my progress. With every maneuver, every drilled asteroid, I felt closer to my parents. I was living their dream, honoring their memory. But I also knew this was just the beginning. There was more to my journey, a path uncharted.

I had the universe before me, countless stars, countless possibilities. There were challenges yet to face, adventures yet to embark on. And though I held onto the past, I knew the future was waiting. The echoes from Gaea's Tear, my memories, they were my foundation. But the Voidrunner was ready for the flight, ready to carve a legacy amongst the stars.

So ends the first chapter of my journey, but as the old Earth saying goes, "Every ending is a new beginning". And I, Moe "Voidrunner" Harlow, was just getting started.